Bunting takes cool Klopp approach for more glory

By Phil Lanning


ON-FORM Stephen Bunting admits he’s taking the Jurgen Klopp approach as he bids for more oche glory.

Massive Liverpool fan The Bullet has been inspired by Anfield’s charismatic German boss as he has returned to the top of the sport.

Bunting, 36, reached the World Championship semi-finals and has delivered a class run to this week’s World Grand Prix quarters beating James Wade and Daryl Gurney on the way.

The ex-Lakeside World Champ said: “I’m definitely all for taking the Jurgen Klopp approach to my game. If I could apply his amazing man management to the way I go about playing, then I could probably be as successful as him.

“I think he’s done a great job of Liverpool. I’ve just about calmed down from winning the Champions League final and Premiership.

“It’s definitely inspiring, it’s all about having a winning mentality. I’ve had my real lows a couple of years ago. My sports psychologist helped me through the toughest times I’ve ever had in my career when I almost quit.

“But now I handle it myself. I have a good belief in what I can achieve and I’m enjoying turning up at events.

“I’ve also adopted more of a golfer attitude, where they forget about the previous hole if it wasn’t a good one. 

“It’s the same in darts. We have so many tournaments now, you have to immediately forget a bad defeat or any loss at all. Forget and move on to the next one and start afresh. If you allow it to carry over, it can destroy you.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.