Dev erupts with Volcano deal

DEVON PETERSEN believes that a new partnership with South African sportswear firm Volcano Sports will help him erupt even more into the big time.

The current German Darts Champ unveiled the new two-year sponsorship and is adamant it further enhances his rise to the top of the sport.

Petersen, 34, enjoyed his best-ever year on the circuit in 2020 and is desperate to get playing again when the season gets underway.

He said: “I see this as something of a landmark deal in darts, I cannot think of many darts players who have secured this kind of partnership with a clothing manufacturer, it is unique. 

“It is extra special that I have secured this arrangement with a South African company that has created so many much-needed jobs within the local economy. As everyone knows, I am very passionate about my heritage.

“This is the perfect boost before I start playing competitively again in 2021. Obviously it’s frustrating that we can’t get out more and practice or get into the Players Championships because of Covid-19 so far.

“But I’ll be ready to go when it does start again. I’m just delighted that my set-up is perfect behind the scenes and Volcano further helps that.

“I’d like to break into the top 16 and win a major, they are my targets, and I don’t think they are unrealistic. I know I have to improve to achieve that, but I have more belief than ever before.

“I want to thank both Pinpoint Sport and Volcano Sports for getting this deal over the line. I have now had the opportunity to meet JP Schoeman, Volcano Sports’ Managing Director, and I am inspired by what he has achieved so far and what his vision is for the future. 

“He has expertise across a number of sports, and it is very exciting that he is now bringing that to darts and wants to take me on the journey with him.”

Volcano are equally excited about the partnership and MD Schoeman reckons that Petersen can give the firm “exposure to millions”.

He added: “Volcano Sports has built its name in South Africa on providing customers with service excellence. We have a great track-record in several sports, and I see darts as a growing global market that I absolutely want Volcano Sports to be a big part of. 

“I am passionate about the sport and its development in South Africa. We have a lot of untapped potential here. Were it not for the pandemic we would have five or six players attending Q-School.”

 “Breaking into the top 32 in the world has made Devon a household name with the darts fraternity around the world, he can offer us exposure to millions. 

“I love Devon’s passion, as soon as he walks on the stage, he is exciting and inspires others, and that is something I want Volcano Sports to be associated with. We are thrilled to welcome Devon to the Volcano Sports family as two iconic South African brands connect.”