Dimi admits losing sleep over dartitis worry

By Phil Lanning

DIMITRI Van den Bergh remains top of the Premier League but earlier revealed his dartitis scare.

The dancing Belgian beat Rob Cross after reeling off five successive legs to stay in pole position in Milton Keynes.

But the Matchplay champion made a shocking revelation about his throwing fear prior to the night on Dutch TV.

He told: “Last week I suddenly had to deal with the onset of dartitis at home. I was training with Damon Heta and José de Sousa and my arm suddenly blocked. Of course I had some doubts and the night that followed I hardly slept.

“The next day I only trained with some music in the background, luckily there was nothing more to notice.

“I think I put a little too much pressure on myself, then I instilled in myself throwing relaxed again and haven’t noticed it since then.

“That’s why I found it so strange that I suddenly had to deal with dartitis. I had not seen it at all. 

“However, it is something that occurs with many players, my father and my brother also suffered from it. I am not yet afraid though that it will come back.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.