Durrant will keep fighting says RAF niece Zara

By Phil Lanning


DEFENDING champ Glen Durrant has been backed by RAF niece Zara for a high-flying return to form in the Unibet Premier League.

The three-times BDO World Champion suffered a shock five straight defeats in the opening block and faces Michael van Gerwen on his return to action on Monday night.

But the Middlesbrough thrower, 50, has a strong connection to the military. Brother Bob is an Army major, his nephew is in the services and niece Zara, a mum of three, is a logistics mover in the RAF, currently stationed 8,000 miles away in the Falkland Islands.


Kind-hearted Zara, above, got together with her RAF Air Movement Flight colleagues in front of a stunning A400M aircraft this weekend to send a message to her uncle  via Oche to keep fighting for his Premier League crown.

She said: “If there’s anything I know about my uncle Glen is that he’s a fighter. He will never give up.

“It’s been hard to watch even from 8,000 miles away but I want him to know he’s got so much support from all corners of the world.

“There’s no doubt that he’s suffering with confidence. However the form is temporary and class is permanent phrase really applies to him. I know he will get it right.

“Even though he’s been having a tough time he still popped into see my three kids in the week and gave them each £10. They were buzzing, how lovely was that. I was sent the pic, it’s quite emotional to see that from so far away.


“But that sums up uncle Glen. He is always thinking of others, he always puts his family first. 

“That’s why we all stick together as a family. We are behind him 100 per cent through thick and thin. We all know he will come back strong from this dip in form.

“It’s just good to show him that we’re all rooting for him even on the Falkland Islands!”

Images kindly supplied by Zara Durrant and RAF. Not for re-use without permission of Oche.