Durrant’s washing windows plan for wins again

By Phil Lanning


DEFENDING champ Glen Durrant reckons that window cleaning can wipe the frown off his face as he bids to save Premier League future.

The three-times BDO World Champ needs a miracle to salvage his PL status after five straight defeats in the opening block of matches.

Now Durrant, 50, admits it’s squeaky bum time taking on Michael van Gerwen on Monday to save himself from disaster.

He revealed: “I’m thinking of taking up window cleaning. It’s not something I was hoping for or anticipating what I’d be doing. But fresh air, being with my friends and not thinking about darts is the three things I need.

“It would only be a couple of hours. But I’m terrified of heights. Thankfully they don’t use ladders these days, apparently you just use a hose. You stand and aim it so I should be OK at that.”

The Middlesbrough battler has looked a shadow of the player that won the league a year ago after going down with Covid-19. 

He admits not feeling the same but refuses to blame the virus, adding: “I did feel rubbish for 10 days. My game has never recovered from then.

“But I still don’t think the reason for my bad form today is because of Covid. I feel fit, I feel OK. It’s psychological and confidence, I’m absolutely certain. 

“My throw, my demeanour, the angle of the darts. I’ve forgotten how to smile, I’m not enjoying the game. 

“I don’t want the sympathy. I’ve got a great life. My job is my hobby. I’m going through a tough time.

“But I’m probably getting sympathy from people who were furloughed, lost their jobs, lost some of their family in this pandemic.

“I don’t want people’s sympathy. I’ve had so many highs in my life. You’ve got to ride the lows sometimes. It’s the latest chapter in the story, a challenge that I will overcome.

“It’s even hard for family. I got a call after my defeat to Dimitri (Van den Bergh) from my 85-year-old mother and she was worried sick about me.”

Duzza admits he fears relegation on Judgement Night next Thursday as defending champion, adding: “It hurts until I’m sick to the stomach. That massive high of winning the Premier League I feel cheated I didn’t get to hold up that trophy at the O2 in London.

“So to go in as the reigning champion and to be relegated after Judgement Night it hurts like hell.

“That’s maybe where the inner demons are, you feel like you are defeated before you play.

“If I am to stay in the top eight I’ve got to beat Michael Van Gerwen, Jose De Sousa, Peter Wright and Rob Cross. I probably need six points at least to survive. That would be a story in itself.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.