Clayton: “Nobody is safe from this virus”

Premier League Night Seven – What They Said.


“It’s a great point obviously. I’m looking at a point tonight does me fine. I don’t think too much about darts but for some silly reason, I’m starting to think and I don’t like it. I just want to go out and play.

“I’m in the mix, there’s a long way to go I’ve got to get out of Judgement Night. I’ve got to stay in this top eight.

“I’m going to stay home because hopefully I get through this. You can catch Covid being at home but I’m just going to minimise the risks so I’m going to miss Super Series 3.

“Nobody is safe from this virus. I just hope I’m going to be safe enough for the next round.”


“I’ve had a poor preparation this time as well but I’m a typical dart player, full of excuses but to be fair, I’ve had some awkward circumstances put in front of me but it is what it is.”

On state of board:

“There’s no point depending on what player you are and who you are, someone like me there’s no point complaining because it falls on deaf ears.”

On Barry Hearn retiring:

“I honestly felt really disappointed because I feel like I’ve been part of a long journey and I didn’t know anything about it. I’m forever grateful and in debt to that man but maybe he could have said a little something not direct to me but to me that I could have caught the word instead of through the general press.

“It was strange the way it was all done and for me as a PDC player when Barry leaves, it’s the most concerning thing in the world. It’s a real big concern for me, I don’t know which way it’s going.

“Without Barry, we’d still be playing in smoky halls. I feel like I’ve dedicated 15, maybe 20 years of my life to the game, it would have been nice to maybe have a little bit of direct contact. It’s just a little bit concerning.”


“It’s a good two points for me because I want to be through but I feel sad.

“I’m not happy because he’s a good friend and it’s hard to see a person like Glen suffer so much.

“I hope he comes back soon because we love him and we love his darts. I feel emotion because I know what he can do. I think I can play a little bit better but I had to do my job tonight.”


“I felt good today and I enjoyed myself. I knew I had to be on my A-game and strong, especially in my mind, and I’m very proud of this win.

“It’s a big win and I think it was a really good game from both of us.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.