Price won’t face darts rap after “pathetic” outburst

GERWYN PRICE will not face a Darts Regulation Authority rap despite calling booing fans “pathetic”.

The World Champ breezed past Dave Chisnall 3-0 to book his place in a third successive Grand Prix semi-final.

Price also refused to do a post-match press conference where he was defending by Chizzy. But darts bosses confirmed yesterday he would not be disciplined for the outburst.

The Welshman blasted: “There’s a lot more in the tank for me. It was a difficult game, obviously the crowd are a bit rubbish again as you can hear but I won so no matter what they do, I’ll keep winning.

“Give me an opportunity and I’ll take it. I thought I bombed the second set after missing 25 and then I think I took out a 104 in the next leg but the crowd are absolutely pathetic but I won.”

Despite defeat, Chisnall did the post match media after a furious Price declined following his victory over the St Helens ace.

Chisnall was full of praise for his opponent both on and off the oche post match and called for fans to give him the respect he deserves as the top player in the sport.

He said: “He’s an absolute legend. He’s a great lad off the oche as well. I had a little chat with him after he came off for the second break and someone shouted come on Gezzy and I said to him at least you’ve got one fan in there. Disappointed to lose but roll on to the next tournament.

“He gives it like he does but he can take it. Give him respect, he’s World No.1. They didn’t boo Van Gerwen when he was No.1.

“I think it was a missed opportunity. He didn’t play brilliant but you can’t give him that many chances. I’ve got nothing against him and I don’t mind him when he gives it a big roar because it spurs me on.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.