Thorn: “I’m far from finished”

By Phil Lanning


ROBERT Thornton has vowed he’s “far from finished” as he starts a bid back to the big time from his LOFT.

The Ayrshire ace lost his PDC tour card in January after 12 years following a dreadful run of luck including illness and family issues.

But double major winner The Thorn is determined to return to form starting in The Modus Online Live League.

Thornton, 53, said: “I’m far from finished, trust me. I want to get back into the PDC as soon as possible. I will be on the Challenge Tour and that’s my starting point to get my actual tour card back.

“But obviously that’s not on at the moment, there’s hee-haw news on the Challenge Tour because of Covid-19.

“So at this moment I’m delighted to get some competition in the Online League. It’s good that we can still play online with new technology.

“That will mean I’ll be back in the loft practicing to try and win that event. I would love to make a statement that I’m still here and capable by winning that tournament.

“My first matches are next Monday so I’ll be working really hard all week to prepare. It’s so frustrating that I can’t get out to play anyone, so this is important to keep my arm in and practice properly.”

Thornton had a rollercoaster 12 years in the PDC including two epic major wins, beating Phil Taylor in the UK Open final in 2012 and Michael van Gerwen to win the World Grand Prix three years later.

But a serious illness with pneumonia and a catalogue of off-stage issues severely hampered his form after so much glory.

He added: “I’ve been on the road for 12 years and a lot has happened. Maybe sometimes you just need to hit the reset button. The break might do me good. But I’ll be back.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.