Thornton: “There’s life in this old dog yet!”

By Phil Lanning


ROBERT Thornton vowed “there’s life in this old dog yet” after beating a host of top stars on his Players Championship return.

The Ayrshire ace picked up £6,500 in prize money in Niedernhausen with a dozen wins including over Premier League leader Nathan Aspinall, Michael Smith and Daryl Gurney.

Double major winner Thorn, who lost his tour card earlier this year, had just 48 hours notice to travel to Germany after several late withdrawals for the four-day Super Series. 

He revealed: “There’s life in this old dog yet. I was given an opportunity and I took it. 

“I had 48 hours notice that I was in. I was down in Portsmouth playing in the Modus online league. So my wife had to send my passport down so I could travel.

“All my winning averages were between 96 and 106 and I got some good results beating the likes of Michael and Daryl.

“I’m one of these people who believes that everything happens for a reason. Losing my tour card has probably given me the kick up the backside I needed. It’s given me the reason to fight back. I’ve always played better when I’m on the ropes.

“I’ve got that fire in my belly again and I went there to enjoy it and I did. To beat the likes of Nathan who is top of the Premier League was a boost for me. It’s good for my belief and I can’t wait to get another crack at it.

“Fingers crossed now I might get another chance in the next Players Championship block. Hopefully I will as I’d like to think I’d be one of the top picks for next in line if others pull out through travel issues.”

Despite playing in just four events, after 12 match wins, Thornton is now the fourth highest-earning Scot in the Players Championship prize money. Peter Wright is top with £16,500 then comes Alan Soutar £11,750 and Andy Boulton £7,500.

Thornton also delivered a 105.3 average against Martin Schlindler, the eighth highest-averaged Scottish player.

Images by Taylor Lanning.