After all the trash talk, it’s the big one!

By Polly James

GO ON admit it, we all love a bit of aggro!

Never mind these snobs going about on social media moaning about not liking the war of words. The truth is, whether you say it or not, is that when it gets a bit feisty we all love every second of it.

That’s why the constant verbals between MVG and Wrighty is so interesting. One minute they are playing it down, the next minute it’s all “he won’t win anything” and “he talks crap” sort of stuff.

But lately when they’ve actually played each other on stage, it’s all be sweetness and smiles. 

After all the trash talk, it’s the big one. It might only be night two but this is a HUGE match, a HUGE statement and a chance for both players to put down marker a very early.

Especially as Gezzy is now out of the tournament, you would think that either MVG or Wrighty will be favourite to go on and win it.

They know that too. That’s why tonight’s match is an absolute belter. 

Obviously it’s a big blow to lose the World Champion and World No.1 Gezzy from the Unibet Premier League.

There was a big amount of conspiracy guff on socials. Nonsense. It’s a nightmare scenario for the PDC to lose Gezzy for 17 nights on TV. He is the top man, the Marmite player, love him or hate him, you want to watch him.

Personally to see that Instagram story post from Gezzy watching it on TV at home was heartbreaking. 

That does mean the Welsh Army can give all their love to The Ferret Jonny. After his Masters win this Ferret is right up the trouser leg of all the stars and he’s proved he can bite!

I tell you what though, even Mystic Meg would need to shine up her crystal ball with something very special to predict this Premier League.

I reckon it will come down who turns up on the most nights, who manages to grind out draws or wins when they are having an off-night.

Winning ugly is probably the most important ability in 2021.

That’s why Wadey is going to be my dark horse.

It would be a major shock if MVG and Wrighty didn’t make Finals night. But something tells me that Wadey will plod along consistently and keep picking up points even on bad nights.

He’s the only player I know that gives the same expression if he hits a nine-darter or gets beat 7-0!

His face last night when Ando hit a 156 was priceless. But I reckon he might crack a big smile if he goes all the way and picks up the £250k, having got in just a few hours before the opening night.

Call me biased, and I am not ashamed to say I am, but Jonny C for me as well in the top four. He can do it for Wales and his World Cup-winning buddy Gezzy.

Now watch my predictions completely flop!

Who cares. It’s the darts and we bloody love it.

Get a pizza in, few beers on the go and a bit of stage aggro. Perfect!

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