Wright ready to keep mohawk into his 60s!

By Phil Lanning at the Alexandra Palace


PETER WRIGHT has vowed that ‘love it or hate it’ he will keep his wacky mohawk hair into his 60s!

The Livingston-born ace kicks off his bid for a second world title at the Alexandra Palace on Friday night against either Ryan Meikle or Fabian Schmutzler.

But Wright, 51, says his oche punk look will stay with him while he remains one of the top stars on stage. 

He said: “Some people either like or hate it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. I will look good in my 60s with it, the oldest rocker in town!

“I will always keep the mohawk. It would only stop if my wife Jo wasn’t around. If something happened to her I wouldn’t have anyone else doing it.

“I get fed up with it, sitting in the chair for four hours on end. We are married and we don’t need to talk. She says stop moving my head. 

“But Jo also gives me a pep talk during that time. She tells me about the other player who I’m facing, what happened when he last played, what he needs to improve on.

“I think about the game. I’ve already done practising in the room before Jo wants to start-I’ve done a couple of hours already and then I always try to make sure that get me ready give me an hour before we go into the get ready for the venue, another hour on the board and then I’m there like two to three hours before the match.”

Wright won the last major Players Championship in late November and admits he is motivated by Michael van Gerwen being back to his best. He also loves the friendly verbals before tournaments. 

He said: “It’s good to have banter, you can’t be nice to everyone. We like to wind each other up. 

“The last couple of months I didn’t enjoy it, I was fed up with it for a little while. I was just focused on the Worlds, I had that target in my head. My mojo is back.

“I think the main thing was, apart from the Worlds, to shut everyone up was the World Cup. I’ve now won it twice with two different partners.

“I’ve got Michael back to form now, he’s my motivation, to bring him back down. Look what he’s set after Phil Taylor, then you’ve got James Wade, the next player who has won loads.”

Wright also revealed that he talks to rival Michael Smith about keeping animals – and even has a cockerel that follows him around!

He added: “Michael has asked us for advice about some animals to get and what breeds. Gary has also got chickens and ducks and so has Gezzy.

“We have over 100 chickens plus all different breeds of ducks, cats and three dogs. I have a cockerel that follows me around night and day.

“We are looking to get some goats next and an ostrich.

“I count my blessings for what we’ve got. We’ve worked really hard for it and missed out on the kids’ days at schools and college to try and make a better life for them in the future.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.