Wright reveals he feared wife Jo “was dying”

By Phil Lanning


PETER WRIGHT admits he feared his wife Joanne “was dying” after she was rushed to hospital during the Grand Slam of Darts.

The reigning PDC World Champion was left fearing for her health after she endured complications from a gallbladder removal op and required medical attention during the Wolverhampton event.

Wright, 52, was told to play on by hairdresser Joanne – who designs his whacky hairstyles and head paint jobs – but went out of the tournament in the group stages.

And now for the first time, they have revealed the full extent of her serious health issues this month.

Snakebite said: “It has been a dreadful couple of weeks. Jo was taken to hospital on the first weekend of the Grand Slam.

“Jo was in absolute agony and told me she feared she was dying because the pain was that bad. 

“Firstly docs thought she was just rundown after the gallbladder and hysterectomy removal. 

“Apparently the pain was caused by a slit in the bile duct which meant bile was leaking inside her. 

“Since then she has deteriorated with other issues including dehydration and even a collapsed lung. 

“On top of it all, I wasn’t allowed into the hospital to see her for six days. It’s just been ridiculously worrying for us all.

“Obviously I couldn’t concentrate on darts at all. My mind was completely on Jo and not the Grand Slam, I was not at the races at all.

“The worry still isn’t over at all. Jo is still in hospital and is undergoing tests and trying to recover.”

Joanne also admitted that she feared for her life after being put on powerful painkillers. 

She added: “I was hallucinating and seeing monsters, it was very scary. 

“If a window had been high enough to jump out of to die, I would have jumped. 

“I’m not allowed home yet because of the collapsed lung. It’s been one thing after enough. I’ve still to have another back operation. The gallbladder op was supposed to be the easier of the surgeries.”

Wright, who lives in Suffolk, has been married to Joanne for 14 years and they have three children.

He has also pulled out of this weekend’s Players Championship but will return to the oche to defend his World Championship on December 15.

He added: “We’ve had so many health issues this year. I had my gallbladder out just a couple of months ago as well. Our daughter Naomi also had a knee op this week. 

“It’s been so tough. I will return to defend the Worlds. But it’s far from the best preparation.”

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Images by Taylor Lanning.