Bravedart: I fell down a hole on stage!

By Phil Lanning

JAMIE HARVEY denied that he once fell off a stage live on Sky Sports – but fell down a hole instead!

The former World No.4 featured in legend John Gwynne’s favourite moments as a Sky Sports commentator.

But Bravedart, now 65, reckons he was shocked by the removal of a flowerpot and was sent crashing down.

He said: “It was a World Pairs match, Keith Deller and I v Bob Anderson and Phil Taylor.

“I didn’t fall off the stage. Sky Sports had a flowerpot in front of a hole on the stage.

“During a TV break we stayed on stage to practise but didn’t see Sky remove the flowerpot. I stepped back and fell down the hole.

“Bob said I’d fallen down on purpose to win as it put him and Phil off — they were p****** themselves!”

Gwynne revealed Jocky Wilson provided one of his favourite moments of his 20-year Sky Sports career.

And it was two Scots who provided him with his most cherished memories.

Gwynne said: “In one of our early Matchplays in Blackpool, Sky set up a group of schoolkids visiting Tussauds.

“The teacher was in on it and the kids got to the sports section and saw Ian Botham and Frank Bruno.

“Then there was Jocky, motionless, throwing a dart. I thought it was great Jocky had been done up as a waxwork.

“Then suddenly he burst into life and shouted to the kids ‘Are you coming to the darts tonight?’.

“They screamed like mad. It was one of the great moments of TV.

“My other favourite moment was Jamie Harvey taking a step too far back on the stage in a World Pairs match in 1996 and falling off the stage. 

“It was a comical moment I’ll never forget. We’ve had so many great messages on placards held up over the years, but the one that stands out is a guy dressed as a chicken in the Winter Gardens holding up a sign saying ‘Eat Beef’. We laughed for hours about that.”