Cullen vows: “I don’t want to be a nearly man”

By Phil Lanning

JOE CULLEN admitted he doesn’t want to be a “nearly man” after smashing Gary Anderson 10-1.

The Rockstar thrashed the two-time World Champion with an incredible display at the Ladbrokes Masters yesterday (Sat) in Milton Keynes. 

Cullen, 32, reeled off 167, 142 and 115 finishes with a 106.3 average to leave Ando completely shellshocked.

The Bradford ace revealed: “Normally my game is all about scoring and giving myself time to finish. But my finishing today, everything I went for I thought I was going to get it. 

“Even if I missed it, I still felt like I was going to get it. It’s a brilliant feeling to have on a TV stage.

“The 115 wasn’t a showboat. I normally got 25 first and bull double top. But the bull was sitting up so nice. I gave myself a shot and yeh, it went in. It doesn’t always work like that but when it does, it looks really good.

“I wasn’t hitting much in practice, I wasn’t terrible. I just thought to myself, if I win great, if I don’t I then I could play in a charity football match that I’ve got on Sunday, at least I get back for that!

“It was a win-win for me. Either I play football or darts on Sunday. They’ll have to find a substitute.”

Cullen has constantly flirted with being a top gun and believes he has to win a major to finally be a big name. 

He added: “I don’t want to be one of those nearly men. There are plenty of players who have been like that who should have won something. 

“But you don’t want to be remembered as a nearly man. I don’t think I will be and I hope I won’t be.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.