Fallon admits that Menzies is her oche rock

By Phil Lanning


FALLON SHERROCK has revealed that Scottish ace Cameron Menzies is her rock and pushing her to more glory.

The oche queen is undoubtedly the most talked about player in the world since becoming the first woman to beat a man at the Worlds in late 2019.

But Sherrock, 27, has now found a soul mate in fellow oche star boyfriend Menzies who won a PDC Tour Card last week. 

She revealed: “Cameron proper pushes me. He will be like, go practice, go practice, even when I am tired.

“He will even ring me, have you had a practice today? Mate, give me a break! 

“Then even we I am here, we all practice 2-3 hours, stuff like that. But then I am trying to help him as well by trying to get him ready for Q School, so he can get his Tour Card as well. 

“We do help each other, we need each other in that aspect. We do get distracted a lot. I will sit there and get bored and he will say: No, you need to do it.

“He is so supportive. It is quite nice to have someone who is willing to help. I haven’t had the support since everything happened. I have not had someone there, it is nice. I can chill out.”

Menzies, managed by Scottish promoter Tommy Gilmour, has admitted on social media that Sherrock is “unplayable” in practice.

She added: “Sometimes I leave him on well high, I am like: bang, bang, bang, bang. He will come back at me and nearly miss a nine-darter. 

“I am like: Go away. When the blokes are hitting it against me, he has done it to me. I don’t feel nervous. Well, I am used to it, I know what to expect, I know what to do to put the pressure on. I know I have to finish this because they are going out.”

Sherrock also admitted that she will fight back to be at the Worlds this year.

She added: Yeah, I am not going to say no. I will be back next year. 100 per cent.

“I definitely felt the love of the crowd. I could feel that. The game was very good in itself. It was nip and tuck, you didn’t know which way it was going to go. Yes, today wasn’t my day. But who is to say that next time won’t be mine? I have got to take each game as it comes. Each game is different on each day.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.