Menzies is the big loo-ser

By Phil Lanning

AYRSHIRE ace Cameron Menzies saw his first PDC tour card bid KO’d after missing his next round match while in the toilet because he was nervous with the s****.

Menzies was called by officials to tell him to be on the oche but failed to make his time slot because he was having a number two at Qualifying School in Milton Keynes.

Adam Neale-Smith was given a bye as a result of Menzies missing their clash. He said on Twitter: “Nature calls you gotta go explained but still eliminated. They phoned and I said I am in the toilet and they said OK but still papped me. A had the s****. 

“I needed a s*** I had 10 minutes between games and went to a disabled toilet as our toilets are a mess.

“They phoned and I explained I was in the toilet and they said OK. Then I was eliminated. I understand the rules fully but I had to go man. 

“Does anyone need to go to the toilet when nervous or am I just an idiot. Well rather be called s***** than a junkie.”