Wright in worry over wife Jo’s rush to hospital

By Phil Lanning

PETER WRIGHT admitted he almost pulled out of his Grand Slam clash after wife Jo was rushed into hospital. 

The World Champ beat fellow Scot Alan Soutar 5-4 but was clearly out of sorts after a nightmare 24 hours in Wolverhampton. 

Wife Jo was taken back into care after complications following a recent gallbladder removal op. 

Wright, 52, had to play without his traditional mohican hairdo and asked whether he thought of pulling out of his match, he said: “Yes I did. But Jo wanted me to come here. She’s in safe hands in hospital, they are looking after her, that’s the main thing. 

“It was very difficult. She got taken in yesterday before my match, she got picked up around 8pm last night in an ambulance. After my interviews I found out she was still in A&E in so much pain.

“So we went straight up there and didn’t leave until 4am this morning. That’s why I look like crap!

“I tried to go and see her but the hospital  wouldn’t let me. That was a bit crap as well. 

“It’s a W anyway. I didn’t care whether I won or lost. Jo wanted me to come and play and try and get a win.

“The crowd got on my nerves and there’s lots of other stuff going on away from the darts as well. It’s not nice.”

Images by Taylor Lanning