Anderson: I’ll stick up for myself against pundits

By Phil Lanning

GARY ANDERSON admits that pundits talking rubbish could fire him up for a hat-trick of World Championship titles. 

The Flying Scotsman lines up for yet another push for the Sid Waddell Trophy against Adrian Lewis tonight at the Alexandra Palace. 

Ando, 50, famously lashed out at Sky Sports’ Wayne Mardle calling him a “numpty” a year ago after a controversial clash with Mensur Suljovic.

He blasted: “Some of the crap that comes out of mouths. I’ll stick up for myself and say what needs to be said. 

“Do I think what I say is wrong, no. I don’t think a lot of people disagree with me either. 

“They say it like they know you. They don’t know Jack. They talk a good game, if it was that easy, they’d be up there playing. 

“It’s easy sitting on your arse, saying ‘oh no no no’. Get up and show us how it’s done then. It’s nae use putting somebody down, go and show us. And can they? No.”

The two-time World Champ also admits that he’s been more focused on running his new fishing lakes in Somerset than tackling practising – but is finally enjoying the game again.

He added: “ I love the peace and quiet, not having to talk to anybody. I’m not actually fishing much. It’s just tree work, getting the old strimmer and chainsaws out. 

“I love it, I love being out in the fresh air. In the summer I was out 12 or 14 hours a day. 

“I have four lakes over 14 acres. It’s staying on top of stuff, I really do enjoy it, it’s good for the blood pressure. It’s like the Forth Road Bridge. That green stuff grows very quickly in the summer!

“I’ve spent my days playing darts, but I’ve always liked doing a bit of work here and there. 

“I was a grate builder for 19 years, humping slabs of marble about. Think when you’ve been in the building trade, you still like to get the tools out. 

“To be honest, the last year interest in darts. Zero.

“But I must admit, over the last six weeks practising with Ryan Searle and being back on the ProTour I’ve started to enjoy it again.

“Everything is so serious now. But having Ian White, Adie Lewis it’s good to have a bit of banter again. It’s kind of kicked me back into enjoying it again.

“That’s half the battle. You try to explain to people, if you don’t enjoy it, it’s hard. 

“You are up there trying and it’s not going right, not putting the practice in and you are struggling. Folk saying he’s poo now. 

“Listen, I’ve done it for a long time, 25 years playing darts. It’s a long old haul. 

Anderson has a sensational record at the Ally Pally but as he turns 51 next week, is he contemplating hanging up the arrers?

He said: “If you’d have asked me last year, I would have said not long. But I’m starting to enjoy it again.

“I need to get my finger out and start putting in the hours again on the practice board.

“I’ve just seen the schedule for next year. Even my manager Tommy tries to get me to do the Europeans. I’m sorry I’ve got to the stage of my life, I’d like to have a bit of life.

“I’ve lived out of the suitcase and hotel room for the best part of 15 years. I’d like to have some home time. 

“I’ve not done the Europeans for five years and I’m still in the top six. You’ve got players doing every tournament, every year. I’m lucky if I do 33 per cent of the tournaments and still manage to stay there. Whether or not I’ll keep going, I don’t know.

“If I was never to win another leg of darts, would I lose sleep over it, no. I’ve done my job, I’ve done alright over the years. I’ve had a laugh and a bit of fun.”

Images by Phil Lanning.