Anderson vows no more horsing around!

By Phil Lanning


BOB ANDERSON has vowed there will be no more horsing around for the new World Seniors Championship.

The Limestone Cowboy is famous for his crazy walk-on with a real horse at the Circus Tavern World titles in 1995.

But 1988 World Champ Anderson, now 73, is promising it will be serious stuff for the hugely-anticipated Seniors event early next year.

He said: “That bloody horse. I don’t think I’ll be doing any real horse walk-ons like at the Circus Tavern again. It’ll be more like a walking frame. Over the years that horse has got more publicity than ever I did.

“The Rhinestone Cowboy walk-on will be back but no horse. I have my own branded shirts now which are considerably lighter than the old tassels shirts. I think it would be true to say that the tassels have fallen off, maybe for me and the shirts!

“But it’s not an exhibition show now, this is blood and guts. 

“The spirit lives on. I thought this John Wayne had walked into the sunset. This is not a sunset now, this is a new dawn of an old age.”

Anderson admits he is looking forward to taking on old rivals like Phil Taylor, John Lowe, Keith Deller, Andy Fordham, Dennis Priestley and Ted Hankey, who both announced their return to action today. Venue and broadcast partners have yet to be announced.

He added: “The competitive side of you maybe on the back burner and I’ve been in exhibition mode for the last 13 years. So to re-stoke the fires of competition is something I’m really looking forward to.

“I’ve maintained Super League throughout the 13-year period so I’m not unfamiliar with the clashing of swords. 

“We will be poking through the embers of old rivalries. I’m really looking forward to that and getting a good flare-up again. There were certainly rivalries in the old days, in a sporting sense, between myself and John (Lowe), Keith and the late Eric Bristow, of course.

“But Mr Taylor was slightly different. It was like trying to stop an express train with a table tennis bat. 

“I had the dubious pleasure of playing Phil in an exhibition match a couple of years ago and he gave me a sound walloping. I thought ‘you haven’t changed one bit’. Leopards don’t change their spots do they? The spots maybe somewhat greyer than they were though!

“I never used to like losing to anybody, especially not to Phil. But I got very used to it which is a horrible thing to say. But as did the rest of the world of darts!

“It’s good to be introduced to a new generation of fans. But there’s also the worry of them saying ‘who’s this silly old fart!’

“The years have rolled by. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to re-produce the form consistently as I used to. But I’ve still got a game in me. Anyone who thinks I haven’t is in for a shock.”