Durrant admits “devastating” league elimination

By Phil Lanning


GLEN DURRANT admitted it was “devastating” after crashing out of the Premier League.

The Middlesbrough battler was eliminated after seven straight losses following a 7-4 defeat to Jose De Sousa on Tuesday night.

But three-times BDO World Champ Durrant insists he will fight back after an awful run in Milton Keynes – but also pulled out of the Super Series in Niedernhausen.

He said: “It’s devastating for me and it’s been a nightmare seven games. I’ve been working so hard because I know there’s something wrong with my game, and my target now is the World Matchplay. 

“I want to finish strongly in the last two games and take something from this season but it’s been so disappointing for me.”

Durrant, 50, had previously told Oche that he vowed to play in the Super Series in Germany despite his family telling him not to travel.

But on Twitter he revealed that he had changed his mind for some much needed time at home.

He added: “I’m defending lots of money this year but I’ve still made the decision not to go to Germany.

“It could cost me Grand Prix/Players Champs but genuinely feel it’s the right decision. 

“I just want my wife / daughter right now and darts doesn’t seem to matter …for now.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.