Fallon wants to make Ally Pally “explode”

By Phil Lanning

FALLON SHERROCK has vowed to make the most of her second chance  and wants Ally Pally to “explode” tonight.

Sherrock, 27, was the name on everybody’s lips in 2019 after beating Ted Evetts on the Ally Pally stage. 

Then, in March 2020, the Covid pandemic began and Sherrock was forced inside, shielding at home with her young son Rory, and playing online darts instead.

Sherrock, who faces Steve Beaton, said: “I thought with Covid, this could only happen to me.

“I was upset with it. I thought it would never happen. Then I turned my mindset around.

“I’ve been properly working hard again. It has made me hungrier.

“When I am up there and hear them, I want to hit it and make them explode.”

Sherrock hit headlines around the world after beating Ted Evetts and Mensur Suljovic in late 2019. But since then she has reached the final of the Nordic Masters and pushed Peter Wright all the way in the Grand Slam quarter-finals last month.

But the pandemic ended her hopes of truly capitalising on her success and this is a second chance at the Ally Pally. 

However, she is keen for the fans not to boo her rival Beaton, adding: 

“I don’t like the booing. Obviously I don’t think anyone deserves to be booed for doing something that they love doing or is their job. 

“It’s the same in social media. You don’t want hate. If you are doing something you love, you don’t deserved to be booed either. So I don’t like the booing. 

“But I can’t really do anything about it. If I sit there and go like that to quieten them, they will just boo me. I mean I would never do that anyway. 

“You would be silly to do that as they have their favourites – and you don’t want to make them your enemies. When they are cheering and stuff like that, it goes give me a adrenalin boost and confidence. I want to send the crowd mental.

“I want to hit a 180 and make them go wahey! That is my ambition all the time. When I am up there and hear them, I want to hit it and make them explode.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.