Lewis brands Wright “a cheat” after stage bust-up

By Phil Lanning

ADRIAN LEWIS blasted that Peter Wright is a “cheat” after an incredible stage bust-up after their Players Championship clash.

The two-time World Champ and Wright had to be separated on the oche by referee Kirk Bevins and security in Minehead yesterday (Saturday).

Wright appeared to be unhappy about a loose floorboard moving on the stage during the game which he won 6-5 – and both players dished out verbals in front of a stunned crowd.

But a furious Lewis took to Twitter to claim that his actions were “disgraceful”.

He said: “I honestly did nothing wrong even I was bewildered with what was going on and trying to process it whilst trying to concentrate on my darts, so at the end of the game I wanted to find out what was his problem because I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

“He said to me there was a loose floorboard and I found it! So my response to him was you took me out my rhythm, you had a game plan, and as world number 2 its disgraceful and you’re nothing but a cheat. He knew what he was doing as soon as I went 3-1 up he started muttering things.

“And shaking his head at me which put me in a situation that made me feel uncomfortable. 

“The people who I fall out with always have to be the ones apologise because they know I’m not a cheat never have been never will be!!

“Trouble does seem to follow me around I can’t deny it, but it’s only because I’m a genuine person who wears my heart on my sleeve and people try to take advantage of that. I will always speak my mind!

“For those saying I’m a sore loser this that and the other I’m the best loser because I say it exactly as it is I don’t try hide anything I say what I see.

Peter will say nice things about me in the interview as he knows I’ve done nothing wrong and he’s bang out of order

“Learning curve about trust today occurred. Onto the Worlds now…”

Wright was interviewed after the game and tried to dismiss the row. He said: “I said there must have been a loose board at the back, but you get that. It works loose like that. 

“But we were just discussing Christmas cards who has got to send the first one. 

“Adrian Lewis is an amazing player. I love him to bits. He’s not a double World Champion for nothing. I’d like to see him back in the Premier League, where he belongs. 

“We need a little bit of heating up there, that might help. It got nice and warm up there.”