Price admits it’s “tough” to stop Wright becoming No.1

By Phil Lanning


GERWYN PRICE admits it will be tough to stop Peter Wright from taking his World No.1 spot.

The Welsh ace is hanging on to his place at the top of the rankings before his International Darts Open opener in Riesa, Germany tomorrow (Saturday).

If Wright delivers a better result than Price over the next 48 hours he will become the first-ever Scottish player to reach the PDC World No.1 spot.

Price, 36, revealed: “I said even 12 months ago before I became World No.1 that it would probably change hands a few times. 

“Especially with Peter defending his money and winning the Worlds again. It’s that close, I think there is now ten grand in it. It will probably change hands this year.

“Hopefully not, if I can win this Euro Tour and the UK Open, I can stay as World No.1. But it’s going to be a tough job.”

Price and Wright are due to meet in the quarter-finals of the next Premier League clash in Exeter on Thursday – and ‘The Iceman’ believes it will add extra spice. 

He added: “When you are No.1 it gives you an extra boost, it gives you that confidence to know you are World No.1, you are top of the tree. 

“If I lose that this weekend and then go to Exeter in the Premier League next week, Peter then gets to walk out second as a World Champion and World No.1 and he’s taken both off me.

“So this weekend I will give it my all, pick this trophy up and still be World No.1 before playing Peter next Thursday. 

“It’s always nice to play Peter but I’d rather still be No.1 and be in his head a little bit. It is what it is, if I drop down to No.2 then I’ll just have to prove a point that I really am World No.1 and beat him.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.