Sherrock aims to be a States smash hit like Raducanu

By Phil Lanning

FALLON SHERROCK is aiming to be a New York smash hit like Emma Raducanu on her World Series debut.

The Queen of the Palace hits the Big Apple in the US Masters tonight (Friday) when she takes on Leonard Gates at Madison Square Garden.

Sherrock, 27, admits that she has learnt to deal with the hype and would love to make her name in the States like tennis ace Raducanu. 

She said: “I definitely feel for Emma. It’s horrible. I get why people put pressure on, ignore everyone and just deal with the pressure you put on yourself. I just chill out and play. 

“I do feel sorry, the online abuse is ridiculous. I don’t understand why social media platforms don’t do anything about it. 

“Can I be the next Emma in New York? I hope so, I’ll try. 

“I do think it’s getting closer. I think the only issue right now is there’s not enough women able to do it. I think there’s about three women. 

“Hopefully the Women’s Series is going to build up the women’s game so they can get to that stage and get a big win. 

“It’s closing in but I still think there’s a massive gap of who can do it. Right now only about three people who can do it.

“I’ve been close, maybe if I play a bit more, I’ll get there. My issue still is the floor games. I can’t take my stage game to the floor. On stage I never think I’m going to lose, it’s like a weird confidence boost. The more I play on stages, it will eventually get there.”

Sherrock also admits she doesn’t read social media after getting so much stick over the hype following her wins over men at the Ally Pally in late 2019. She added: “Most of the time it’s not the professional people who are saying it. The people on TV just see women playing men. The actual professional game of it, they see women as good players now. Which is where we’ve wanted to get to but now we get everything and the kitchen sink thrown at us.

“I’ve learnt to cope and deal with it. At the start I got caught up with it, reading everything, it got really bad. Now I just don’t read anything. People have their opinion yes it’s massive hype and stuff. I did do it, it’s not like I didn’t do it.

“With today’s society, it’s just how the world is. You just have to accept that people will criticise you, people are going to love you. You might as well ignore everything and do what you’ve got to do.”