Tearful Menzies admits it “wasn’t pretty”

By Phil Lanning

TEARFUL Cameron Menzies admitted it “wasn’t pretty” after winning his opening WDF World Championship clash.

The Ayrshire ace beat Ian Jones 3-1 in a cracking encounter at the Lakeside yesterday afternoon.

Menzies, 32, was watched by girlfriend Fallon Sherrock as he led 1-0 only for Jones to peg it back. But he then scorched home with ease. 

He said: “It was one of those games. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t nice, it was a battle.

“It was a left punch, right punch, left punch. I broke his throw, he broke me back. There was spells of scoring and then spells of nothing. 

“I didn’t want to go last set, I was like please just hold your throw and get off that stage. 

“All I could think about was it’s my first time up there, I’ve never won up there. So that was why I was getting adrenalin and nerves were packing in. 

“I’ve played in big venues but that stage has been there for years. That was adrenalin, I don’t know!

“I just wanted to win I didn’t want that last set and go that far, I wanted to kill it off. Just get it done and chill out. 

“I had spells when I was banging them in. But he didn’t let me go. I wasn’t great, I’ve played better. 

“Sometimes it’s not how good you are, it’s the mentality difference. He kept making sure I wasn’t making mistakes, he was always there.”

Known as ‘Mad Cammy’ in WDF circles, Menzies could now face former BDO World Champ Wayne Warren in the last 16.

He added: “I’m just chuffed to win, that means a lot to me. Hopefully I won’t be as nervous next time. 

“There’s something about that stage that makes you nervous. Lakeside is a famous stage and it brings back memories, there’s nostalgia about it, a whole buzz about it. I just wanted to win a game and it meant a lot.”

Picture WDF/Chris Sargeant