Cullen ready to spice it up in Scotland

By Phil Lanning

JOE CULLEN is ready to face the Scottish crowds and spice it up with a bit of Cinnamon.

The Ladbrokes Masters champ has been an excellent addition to the Premier League as a three-time finalist and winner in Rotterdam.

Now he faces the prospect of taking on Peter Wright for his first-ever Scottish homecoming as World No.1 and World Champion in Aberdeen tomorrow (Thursday) night. 

Cullen, 32, has even taken advice for hometown hero John Henderson, revealing: “I’ve done lots of exhibitions in Aberdeen and around Scotland and I love the crowds.

“I’m in the same management stable as John Henderson, so I’ve managed to have a few with him and I change my walk on song to Belter by Gerry Cinnamon.

“It goes down well, especially when everyone has had a drink. I’m going to try and come out to it in Glasgow.

“I asked Hendo and he said that Gerry Cinnamon was a Glasgow boy, so it might be better for there than Aberdeen.

“Hendo is great. Everyone likes him. No-one has a bad word to say about him and I’m no different.”

Cullen has surprised many with his league form and his final defeat to James Wade last week leaves him just three points behind Wright.

A win over Snakebite could see him overtake him and go into the top four final places. 

He added: “It’s a bit full-on and after this weekend we have five Premier League followed by five Euro Tours, which is going to be tough.

“But I’d much rather that than be watching at home and I enjoy it every week. 

“It’s the pinnacle of the game to be in it and I’m one of the lucky ones.

“I’ve said a couple of times there’s been games this year on the floor that I shouldn’t have won. It’s like opponents are almost frightened to beat you.

“If you are off your game, they try to jump all over you and try too hard. I’m speaking from experience because I used to be the same.

“My first four or five years playing, whenever I drew a Premier League player, I was desperate to beat them and you struggled to play your normal game.

“The first Pro Tour I won this year, I should have lost a couple of games. “The guys had me on toast, but when it came to the big shots, they missed them.

“Sometimes you can afford a slow start as they are, if you like, caught in the headlines.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.