Brown thanks star Fry for backing

By Phil Lanning


KEEGAN Brown admits getting backing from Stephen Fry was the highlight of raising almost £21,000 for the NHS.

The World No.39 decided to sell-off donated shirts from stars of the sport after watching the hard work of his hero medic colleagues during the pandemic.

Brown, an NHS lab assistant on the Isle of Wight, was then swamped with help from World Champions Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Rob Cross plus author and TV star Fry.

Arrows fan Fry tweeted out to his 12.6million followers: “As well as being a fine darts player, Keegan Brown works for the NHS in blood services. Do support his NHS raffle.”

Brown admitted: “Most surprising moment was when Stephen retweeted my pinned tweet, I feel honoured someone as inspirational as Stephen has taken the time out to help me promote the raffle.

“One lunchtime during September, I was sitting in our staff room and the hospital buildings face the Intensive Care Unit. Watching the staff, through the windows, on that ward wearing all the required PPE and being rushed off their feet made me really appreciate what they have been doing since early March 2020. 

“That night I said to my wife Roz that we need to do something for these people that are risking their lives everyday.

“We were donated a signed Phil Taylor shirt from the man himself, that was our catalyst with the prizes. Within eight hours we had signed shirts from MVG, Rob Cross, Simon Whitlock, Daryl Gurney and Luke Humphries.

“I was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. We were offered everything, from match used darts and signed shirts to dartboards. 

“I was happy with anything that we raised. I probably had a silent hope of raising a couple of hundred quid from my shirt being raffled off. 

“Every single person played their part in this. The people who shared, liked and tweeted what myself and my wife Roz were putting up helped us get to where we are now, just shy of £21,000!”

Brown is proud of what the darts community has done for his full-time profession and cannot wait to hand the cheque across – and then get back to his practice as a darts player.

He added: “From the very beginning our aim has been to give the frontline ICU/Isolation wards a thank you. 

“We have no idea what this looks like but we will be in discussion with the powers that be to see just how we can get this turned into just that, we all care.

“Whatever happens we will keep everyone informed as it really has been a team effort and everyone deserves to see this through.

“With life being tough at times during this pandemic, you appreciate simple things like playing darts. 

“I am enjoying it more as I appreciate it. I don’t feel as if I take it for granted as much as I perhaps was. I definitely haven’t had as much time to practice which has left me a little rusty but some time priorities in life have to be adjusted. Fingers crossed will be back with some more practice hours soon.”