Van Gerwen tells Price boxing is not “best decision”

By Phil Lanning

MICHAEL van Gerwen has told Gerwyn Price it’s not the “best decision” to step into the boxing ring. 

Price is suffering from a hand injury that has coincided with his training for a charity boxing match.

The Iceman was subsequently forced to pull out of week five of the Premier League – a night which Van Gerwen went on to win.

Price is back on stage now but is risking further damage by continuing his boxing training and rumours are circulating that the bout could be called off.

Three-time world champion Van Gerwen said: “I don’t think boxing is good for your body, I think you can get injured. I think it’s not the best decision to make in your life but Gerwyn is Gerwyn. He always does things differently so that’s his own thing. I don’t think he’s going to do the fight now with his hand. I’d be surprised. It’s something he likes to do and good luck.”

MVG also hit back when asked whether he would ever consider putting on the gloves. He said: “No! What do I look like? A boxer or a dart player?” 

Van Gerwen is still reeling from his 6-4 defeat to Price in the first round of last week’s Premier League, but the Dutchman blamed himself.

He added: “I lost focus during the game. If you make a mistake and give them a finger, they’ll take your hand. Unfortunately things like that happen in darts. 

“The Premier League is too long not to make any mistakes. You need to keep doing the right things at the right time. 

“Now you have to perform three times a night at the Premier League against the best players in the world. 

“It’s been going a lot better lately. I’m playing OK and being a lot more effective at what I need to do. 

“It’s going to be a big crowd here in Rotterdam, the pressure will be on my shoulders. 

“It works both ways. I know it’s more pressure but it also gives you more energy. It all comes down to what happens on the night.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.