Beaton fears Boo Gees before facing oche queen Fallon

By Phil Lanning

STEVE BEATON is hoping his walk-on doesn’t turn from Bee Gees to Boo Gees when he faces Fallon Sherrock.

The Bronzed Adonis lines-up for a record-breaking 31st successive World Championship against Sherrock at the Alexandra Palace tonight.

But the ex-Lakeside World Champ, 57, knows he could be up against the fans against the hugely-popular oche queen. 

Beaton, who’s walk-on theme is Stayin’ Alive, He said: “The problem is that the crowd you get at the Ally Pally is more of a Christmas Party, half of them don’t really know who the players are. All they’ll see is a man and a woman up there. 

“Last year was a nightmare because there were only a couple of hundred people in there and you could hear a pin drop. So this year I hope it is back to three or four thousand. 

“I like the buzz, the noise, the singing. It’s a lot better atmosphere so fingers crossed, we’ll have a full house allowed. 

“To be honest, I think the crowd will go either way. It will depend on the way I’m playing, if she goes ahead or I go ahead. It all depends on the game really.”

Beaton admitted before the draw that he wanted to avoid Sherrock or Lisa Ashton. But believes women will only get stronger in the game. 

He added: “It was more of a joke that I wanted to avoid Fallon and Lisa. The problem was there was like a one in sixteen chance that I would draw one of them. It wasn’t a shock.

“They’ve never done any good draws for me, Mardle especially, he’s been terrible. He did kick me in the balls literally, so I owe him that back!

“I don’t approach this match differently. I’ve watched Fallon’s other games and she just tends to play a lot better on the stage. 

“That’s going to be the biggest problem, she’s not going to play bad. I’m going to go there with the attitude that she’s just an opponent. It’s up to me to be averaging the 90s or 100. If I don’t then I’m going to lose. 

“When I first met the wife (Nanette) she used to play darts, she could hit 180s and 140s all the time, we used to practice together. 

“I’ve always said there’s no reason why a woman can’t be as good as a man at throwing darts. There’s not a physical side of it that can stop them. 

“It’s like snooker or bowls, why can’t women be as good? But I just think it’s been because not as many women play darts.

“Fallon has come up to the task. Lisa got her tour card last year. There’s no reason why they can’t be as good as the men.

“I think with the ladies, they like to play against the men. They see it as more of a challenge. That’s their mental attitude going up there, a man is a good opponent to be up against.

“Fallon has taken to the pressure brilliantly, as has Lisa. We’ve just got to see over the next few years how it all pans out.” 

Images by Taylor Lanning.