It’s Rambo Hendo for the Super Series

By Phil Lanning


BIG JOHN Henderson has revealed he gets fired-up as ‘Rambo Hendo’ for tournaments by watching Stallone movies.

The Highlander will be back in action in the PDC Super Series in Milton Keynes on June 14 after two months away from action.

But the Huntly hurler admitted that he loves a bit of downtime watching Stallone to get him in the mood for a battle on stage.

He said: “I love a wee bit of Stallone, I have to say that. I like to have a practice, have a good throw then take a break and watch Rambo or Rocky.

“I can watch them over and over again, I never get bored of them. It definitely gets me ready in a good way to play on stage. I think it’s the passion of it all.

“I take my iPad with me whenever I’m away from home. It’s really important on the European tours because telly in Germany is rubbish. So I just take a break watching Stallone movies.

“When I’m still at home I will always work really hard practising and then get some time away from it by watching my local team Huntly FC. That was obviously being Covid-19 came in.

“I get down to Christie Park as much as possible to support them. Midweek games are obviously best for me because most weekends I’m away.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.