Menzies finally flushes away tour card toilet troubles

By Phil Lanning

CAMERON MENZIES got the job done to get his PDC Tour Card a year after a toilet break cost him a chance at the big time. 

The madcap Muirkirk ace finally won through Q-School on Saturday and is now aiming to follow the likes of Alan Soutar and Willie Borland to World Championship glory. 

But Menzies, 32, admitted winning his place in the PDC finally puts to bed the horror story of missing a match a year ago because he was in the toilet.

He said: “Last year was a nightmare. My contract was up after Q School and I was worried Dunvegan would give up on me. Boss Tommy Gilmour must be sitting at home pulling his hair out sometimes saying that boy is nuts.

“But this year I stayed in the venue and out of the toilet. I was much older and wiser this time!

“I made sure my toilet breaks were well before I played. I double-checked. 

“The first day got me a few points. I knew after that one or two points could be definitely enough. 

“But a couple of guys played really well against me and every defeat put more pressure on the next game. It just gets harder and harder. 

“I feel sorry for the guys who were there for seven days. I was knackered after four days so I don’t know how they feel after seven.

“I’ve had a day off and back to work for Monday morning. But it’s been mentally draining. You’re up early, practising and focusing on your next game. It’s very tiring. 

“It’s a big relief. I’ve been so close to many times and I’m happy to finally get through it. This is something I wanted to do. I need to focus on climbing the rankings now and build on it for the future.”

Ironically Menzies returned to work today (Monday) expecting his first task to be back on toilet duty.

He said: “Work will be fine, I can go back and work shifts around my darts. I’m usually Monday to Friday but I will sort something and swap days off and catch up the week after.

“I’m back in at 9am on Monday. I work in a hotel in Hamilton. I do bits and bobs of plumbing, electrical, joinery. I think the first thing I’ll be told is to go and unblock a toilet, nothing will change!”

Menzies is one of nine Scots now on the tour, the most players from north of the border since 2014. 

But his immediate aim is to emulate Soutar and Borland who made such a huge impression at the Ally Pally so early into winning tour cards. 

He added: “I’ve never played at the Ally Pally so that would be one of the big aims. I also want to make TV tournaments to really climb the rankings. 

“The boys like Alan Soutar and Willie Borland got their tour cards and focused. You can see the massive difference. I need to try and follow suit.”

Success on at Q School had a bitter-sweet taste for the Ayrshire ace, his high-profile girlfriend Fallon Sherrock missing out on her attempt to win a tour card.

He added: “Fallon played quite well, she beat some good players. The pressure she is under is more than anyone, especially from social media. 

“But I just think she’ll get better over the next year or so. She’s quite young still for a dart player. In the next couple of years she’ll get a tour card and kick on from there. 

“We do have a similarity, we both play better on stage. My best games have, I don’t know why. I think on the floor you think about it more. On stage, you just play.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.