Angry Anderson hits out at rivals over practice claims

GARY ANDERSON had an angry rant at his rivals who say he’s telling porkies about his practice regime.

The Flying Scotsman got off the bottom of the Premier League with a win on night six in Nottingham on Thursday, despite claiming he never puts in the work off stage.

Ando, 51, beat Michael Smith in the final and afterwards his protege suggested he didn’t believe the Scot’s claims.

That angered Anderson who lashed out: “These lads should be battering me 6-0 every night. My regime on the darts board now compared to a few years ago is not the same. 

“I’d swear in front of my dad’s ashes right here, everyone that says it, I’ll tell them f*****g do one. That is God’s honest truth.

“My missus will tell you, the boys at the lakes will tell you, anyone who doesn’t believe you, do one.

“That’s the only way I can say it because it does pee me off. I do not practice. 

“Ryan (Searle) comes every blue moon. Have you asked him? I’ve not seen Ryan for donkeys now. We do a few legs and the rest of the time I sit on my arse. Because that’s what I do quite well. 

“They all say ‘I don’t believe, I don’t believe’. My kids, my missus, my mum, my dad’s ashes, I will swear on the lot hands down in front of you. And anyone who comes up to my house who says different we are going to have a bit of a problem because I’m telling you the truth.

“I don’t lie, I don’t bend the truth, I’m telling you now, I don’t do it.”

Anderson beat Jonny Clayton and Peter Wright before a classy win over Smith in the final.

But he also admitted that the pressure was building. He added: “Once you go up those steps and that foot is on the stage, you want to play. 

“If you lose a few nights, it kills you. Trying to get back into the winning bit, it’s hard work. There’s so much extra pressure on you, you’re thinking you’re going to end up bottom of the table. Which I have done a few times in my life. It gets to you.

“I’m off the bottom of the table and I’m happy. Just to get two points would have done me, I’d have been happy.

 “It was a struggle against Jonny, I played a bit better against Peter and I played well against Michael. When I got to near the winning line I was panicking a bit!”

Images by Taylor Lanning.