Smith doesn’t have a problem with Houston!

By Phil Lanning

MICHAEL SMITH has revealed he gets fired-up for the Premier League by listening to Whitney Houston!

The two-time world finalist faces a crucial night of action at the Westpoint in Exeter as he bids for a first win this season against Joe Cullen tonight.

Smith, 31, was sensational in his run at the Ally Pally at the start of the year but just hasn’t quite yet had the luck in the league.

However he admits to an unusual pre-match preparation including the songs of diva Houston.

He said: “Before a match I’m always practising with my headphones on. But then 20 minutes before the game I stop talking and get hyped up. 

“But when I give it large I think all my adrenalin goes. So it’s about making sure I keep that energy and focus in a match. I’d rather just keep it in and wait for the right time in a match to celebrate properly.

“I’ve got several playlists to listen to. I’ve got chill, the kids’ playlists and a showman playlist. There’s also Whitney Houston.

“It’s not like a Dirk Van Duijvenbode playlist of head-banging dance music, it’s the top 10 dance songs.”

Smith also admits to loving the new knockout format despite the difficult start to the campaign.

He added: He said: “I am like a kid in a sweet shop. I missed out last year, now to be back in with a big shake-up of the tournament, with not just one game a night, I am really happy with it.

“You have to prepare yourself right. It is better that way. You are not just turning up for one night and then you can go back to the hotel. You have got something to play for and it is better the way they have done it this year.”

Images by Taylor Lanning.